- Reformation of the Arts and Music

Creation and the Artist's Hand
by Matt Bynum

The True Artist echoes the Creation of the Universe in every melody, dance step, and brushstroke

The Universe is a permanent exhibit of God's handiwork. The motion of the stars and planets are timepieces that mark the continuous unfolding of the Creator's plan. The vastness of the Universe indicates a God of resources without limit. The constellations recount the world's history in grand embroidery. The rhythm of the seasons, ocean tides, river currents, of each breath and heartbeat testifies of a planet abundant with life.

The Earth is presented to Man in a raw, unfinished state. It is given to Man to maintain, to husband, to explore. The act of creation did not end after the sixth day, for so powerful was the Creation that it contained within itself seeds that allowed new life to continually burst forth. And Creation's masterpiece, the Man, became the new creator. Man was given the ability to formulate ideas, and can summon his thoughts into existence using the raw materials that the Earth contains.

Counterfeit kingdoms

This gift has been abused by many who have become intoxicated by ideas of building monuments, fortresses, and thrones that establish counterfeit kingdoms. But the Heavens will not yield to their desires. These kingdoms, established upon self-serving ideals, can not resist internal decay. These kingdoms become plagued with deception, scarcity, theft, and desperation. Their artists produce works that poison, not nourish; that wound, not heal; that obscure the Truth, not reveal it.

True kingdom

The True Artist represents the True Kingdom. He echoes the Creation of the Universe in every melody, dance step, and brushstroke. He transforms a handful of earth into a glimpse of eternity. Reality, more real than can be fully comprehended, is reflected in his artworks using sight, sound, and motion.

Stones cry out in the hands of the Sculptor. Holy sentinels are erected by the Architect. Life reverberates from the Musician's instrument. Music becomes flesh in the movements of the Dancer. Lines and colour become substance and emotion by the Painter's hand. New worlds come into being by the words of the Poet.

As the history of the world progresses, the Artist leaves a record of the richness and beauty of life that he has experienced. And God is glorified, because those who were created in His image have themselves become creators.

Last updated: 12 April 2006
Updated by: Matt Bynum